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Harvested Trees from the Midwest

J.C.’s Smoking Wood Products is your top choice from the Midwest for all your smoking needs. When you order a specific wood flavor, you can be sure that the tree we harvested is exactly what you are receiving. The wood’s natural flavors are meant to enhance the food you are smoking. Check out our Flavor Smoking Chart to see what we recommend for your next smoke!


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Our Production Process

We process our wood products in a simple, honest way. By starting with 100% Midwest trees, we get the perfect base to start our production process. 

From there, we treat the wood to meet the USDA guidelines. Then we will air dry the wood to keep the perfect amount of moisture content for packaging. Our products are not 100% dried in the kiln process to ensure the product reaches the optimum moisture point that provides the best smoke value. 

Each type of wood product is processed in a natural way that will give you the best smoking experience possible. For example, our wood chips are debarked prior to chipping, resulting in a higher quality and better looking product. Along with that, our pellets are pressurized, heated, and steamed without using any additives or binders. 

The overall outcome of this process results in all-natural wood products that come in nice, clean packaging ready to accommodate your smoking needs. 


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Take it from our current customers, try one of our products today! 
Amy said this is the best one yet, “I purchased this because of the 4 different flavors offered. I tell ya what, I could not believe how good the smoked brisket turned out. I did everything the same as I always do, but this time used the wood from this product. It was off the hook crazy good ... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!” 
-Amy K