About J.C.’s Smoking Wood Products


The Start of Our All-Natural Wood Products

Thirty two years ago, Founder and Owner of J.C.’s Wood Smoking Products, Jay Coons, began with J.C.’s Tree Services in Des Moines, Iowa. As an expert in Central Iowa for residential and commercial tree removal and maintenance, he knew that consumers struggled to find a quality all-natural wood smoking product that would satisfy everyone at home. 

With products readily available from J.C.’s Tree Services, he started J.C.’s Smoking Wood Products in January of 2013 with a vision to produce the best wood for smoking. Since then, we have grown exponentially thanks to our loyal customers. Our goal is to strive to make an exceptional brand for your smoking experience. We know a happy customer is a loyal customer! We want to not just be your first order, but to be your go-to brand for all future wood smoking products.



About Our Smoking Wood Chips, Chunks & More

Our company believes in genuine, all-natural products. Our products put emphasis on quality excellence through harvesting real wood. 

We have expanded our product line to include a complete selection of options to accommodate everyone's smoking preferences. We offer chips, chunks, pellets, and sticks in a variety of flavors that will make us your preferred smoking brand. 



How J.C.’s is Different

We are a local company that goes the extra mile to guarantee a high-quality wood smoking product, such as debarking our wood prior to making wood chips. All of our wood products come directly from harvested trees from the Midwest. Be leary of others who advertise their products as “hardwoods” as they are typically not the same species of tree as they are promoting.


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